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Sharing the best of Catalan cuisine in a modern space evoking the cheerful spirit of barcelona
Chef Rafa is back!

With a year comes new beginnings, as Netflix culinary legend Rafa Gil rejoins La Rambla to dish out authentic Catalan gourmet with a twist!


La Rambla

Spanning 5,000 square feet in IFC mall, La Rambla’s energetic interiors were inspired by the bustling namesake boulevard in Barcelona. Velvet green booths and rattan chairs frame the main dining area, which looks out to a sleek outdoor terrace with lounge seating. With unrivalled views of the iconic Victoria Harbour, our terrace is an alfresco destination for idle afternoons, sunset cocktails, and small bites.


Rafa Gil

Mastermind of Catalunya and Netflix celebrity chef Rafa Gil is rejoining us to take your taste buds on a gastronomic journey to Catalan. Presenting the bold spirit of Spain, Rafa brings together comforting, Asian-infused classics whilst extracting rich flavours from each ingredient to its fullest extent. His Basque and Catalan culinary flair is elevated with fun twists inspired from regional influences in Asia. Authenticity remains at the heart of the new La Rambla, with both classic and innovative tapas to surprise guests on their every visit.

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At over 5,000 square feet with a panoramic backdrop of Hong Kong’s skyline, we are available for special occasions. Whether a show-stopping party or intimate business dinner, our events team can tailor to your event.
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